Healthy Buffet Food…It’s Really Possible

Waistline shrinking, healthy promoting foods at the buffet line.

I was at a conference in San Diego and there were all sorts of things to choose from at lunch. Here’s a picture of what I decided to put on my plate and explain to you how you can make wise choices and not sacrifice your healthy eating plan.

buffet line food

Pile your plate up with the healthy green stuff first.

Salad, vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc. Then, if you want to have a taste of the beef, or chicken or fish dish, go ahead a put a little bit of that on your plate. You won’t feel deprived and your belly will be filled up with nutrient rich plant foods that will serve your energy. And the best thing is…you won’t feel sluggish after the meal.

This full plate of green is what helps to fight inflammation in your body so that you decrease your chances of sick.  In the picture above, you can see that my plate was filled with greens.Broccoli, tomatoes, avocados (healthy fat) & shrimp salad, salad green, and a little bit of pulled pork, & tortilla.

“Scrape” off most of the fatty sauces from entrees and just leave enough to add to the flavor of the meat or fish item.

Does this plate seem filling to you? It certainly was for me. The avocado and pork provided the fat and protein for satiety – which means that you will feel full longer (by keeping your blood sugar steady) and not get the munchies later.

Limit how much “bread” or starch you eat. Although the tortilla was on my plate, I only ate half of it since it was a “white flour” product.  Just try to eat as little of the white flour product as possible. As you know, “white” stuff isn’t the best.

As for dessert – by the time you eat your full plate of healthy stuff, you probably won’t be tempted to eat the whole slice of pie or cake. If you want to taste it – go ahead – just take 2 or 3 bites – that’s it.

When you are traveling or you are at a social function– the goal is to maintain your current weight when you are away from home. It’s not that easy when you are away from the home environment….so no need beat yourself up about it.



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