How NOT to gain weight at Thanksgiving

green beans
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What am I supposed to do to not gain weight at Thanksgiving?

Ok, it’s that time of year again – family and friends gather for the annual Thanksgiving feast.

If you are like a lot of people – at the end of the Thanksgiving meal you wish you hadn’t eaten so much.  Many people don’t eat much of anything before Thanksgiving dinner thinking that they will be saving calories so they can indulge during the feast.

Bad idea!!!

How can you prevent yourself from doing that this year?  Here are some tips.

1.  Eat breakfast – a hearty and healthy one. 

  • E.g. Old fashioned oatmeal, green smoothies, hard boiled egg, peanut butter on whole wheat bread, fruit, etc.

2.  Have a hearty snack about 1-2 hours before you are off to wherever you are going.

  • E.g. – Handful of nuts, peanut/almond butter on apple/celery/wholegrain cracker or bread, big salad with beans and avocados.

3.  Lots of water, of course – (will trick your stomach into feeling full).

If you eat healthy before you go to a party or a holiday meal – your blood sugar won’t be low and you will be able to control the amount you eat.

If you know that the host of the dinner does NOT provide healthy offerings, it’s even more important that you eat before you go and…

it’s important that you’re the one that brings the “healthy” side dish – at least you can control the fact that there is 1 item on the menu – yours – that will be good for you.

You won’t be upsetting the host – you will still be eating her food – you just won’t be indulging in seconds.

Typical turkey dinner:

turkey dinner

This is soooo bad – why?

Too much animal protein, too much fatty and bready stuffing, white potatoes (a little better than fatty mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie (too big of a slice – a small sliver of it would be much better).

Eating this dinner will create unwanted acidity and inflammation in your body (refer to my free E-book that  “Lose a Dress or Suit Size in 7 Days without Counting Calories or Starving Yourself”.  Get the book delivered to your e-mail by signing up here – for an explanation on the deleterious effects of chronic acidity and inflammation).  You’ll also continue to get tips likes these every 2 weeks by signing up to get my free book.

Because this meal causes so much acidity and inflammation, this is the reason you feel NOT SO GREAT after eating it.

How to make this meal better?

green beans

Load it up with greens, decrease the amount of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Load your plate up with a big helping of whatever looks the healthiest to you – then take a piece of turkey – size of a deck of cards – add some cranberry sauce and as little gravy (lots of fat) as you can stand.

Avoid the mashed potatoes (or put a minuscule amount on your plate) and avoid the sweet potatoes if you know that it is full of butter.

Drink seltzer or water in between glasses of alcohol.  Wine spritzer is preferred alcohol since it is diluted with seltzer – saves calories, too.

Just have a good time eating the meal slowly and enjoy the conversation.  If you wait at least 20 minutes before reaching for seconds – this will give your belly enough time to signal your brain that you are full.

What do I do with the pies and desserts?

If the pies and desserts are to die for – have a very small portion.  Studies have shown that 3 bites of a rich food is enough to satisfy the craving for that food.

And again, fill up your tummy with hot tea or decaf coffee (or hot water with lemon) as you are tasting the desserts.

How do I detox the day after the decadent meal?

If you feel that you have eaten a little too much on Turkey Day, the next day – just detox your system by eating brown rice, LOTS of vegetables, green smoothies, and fruit.

green smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe here.  Your body will love you for detoxing and you will be back on track to healthy eating pretty quickly.  Your body will love you for detoxing and you will be back on track to healthy eating pretty quickly.

Each time that you overindulge on rich foods, it will remind you how awful you can feel afterwards and it will propel you to go back to your healthier ways.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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