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Are fruit and nut bars fattening?

Many people wonder what they can eat for a healthy snack.  One of the main things I recommend to my clients is to have a stashes of home-made trail mixes in snack size baggies everywhere… in the car, at the office, in your purse, in your locker, etc.

fruit and nut trail mixWhy?  These nuts not only help you tie you over from one meal to the next, they also keep your blood sugar steady so that you don’t get into that state of “I’m so hungry, I can eat a whole cow”.  When you are that hungry of a state, you don’t make wise choices, you eat everything in sight and you end up “breaking your diet” again.

It’s best to make your own trail mixes with mostly unsalted nuts and a few craisins/raisins.  The store bought trail mix bars are o.k. but they tend to have too much sugar.

Aren’t nuts fattening?  Studies have shown that people who eat nuts on a regular basis do not gain weight.  Yes, they have calories…the key to not gain weight is to refrain from eating the whole can of almonds in one sitting.  Nuts provide healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.  The key is moderation.

If you want the geeky scientific explanation of how nuts don’t put on weight, you can click on this video by Dr. Michael Gregor.

Do you incorporate nuts as part of your healthy diet?  Leave your responses below.