smoothie-martiniFrequently Asked Questions:


What kind of results can I expect to achieve?  How fast will I see results? 

  • Most clients start to feel better within 1 week and the improvements continue for 3- 6 months and ultimately for a lifetime.
  • How much and how fast you lose weight and how fast you start to feel better depend on your baseline condition and how committed you are to implementing the steps that are recommended to you.  My best clients are the ones who are highly motivated to do the work to reach their goals.
  • You will learn how to end self-sabotage and understand what you need to do step-by-step to achieve your weight, health, and lifestyle goals.
  • You will be shown how to restore your health and pursue your life’s passions through unselfishly prioritizing yourself – without the use of pills, powders, potions, or deprivation.  Your personalized roadmap to success will be created just for you, based on your lifestyle and goals.
  • My role as your coach is to support and S-T-R-E-T-C-H you into the life you have want.

Can you guarantee I will see results?

  • You will see results if you implement the food and lifestyle changes that are recommended to you.

Do I have to eat stuff I don’t like?

  • Nope, you are not forced to eat foods you don’t like.  You will learn how to incorporate your favorite foods into the getting “Live Lean – Live Well” plan.

What are the coaching sessions like?  Will I have to make a lot of changes at once? 

  • You will be given as much as you can handle.  You will not be scolded when you don’t do a part of your homework – I will work with you to figure out why you didn’t implement the assignment.  My role is to be your coach and cheerleader to get you to vibrant health so that you can have a life full of joy, purpose & prosperity.
  • I will break down and explain confusing and complicated nutrition information for you and teach you the “whys” behind why you should eat or do something.
  • You will have a safe and confidential space during the coaching sessions to explore factors in your life that could be sabotaging your journey to wellness.
  • After each coaching session, you will have actionable steps you can implement  to get healthier.

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I have a very busy social life.  Will I be able to eat out while I am working with you?

  • Of course!  You can continue to participate in social activities.  After all, I am here to show you how to eat right for the rest of your life.

How do I know if I am your ideal client?

You are my ideal client if you are :

  • Are a success-driven professional who is motivated to live a healthy and happy life and want to take control of your weight and health issues.
  • Sick and tired of losing and gaining the same 10-20 lbs. over and over again
  • Are ready to take control and stop the yo-yo cycle.
  • Ready to minimize your chances of getting sick.
  • Feeling that your weight and health have prevented you from achieving a fulfilling life.
  • Ready to breakthrough your weight loss plateaus.

This coaching is also right for you if you:

  • Are happy with your weight and want to be proactive with staying healthy.  
  • Want to know how and what to eat to so that you can age gracefully to midlife and beyond.

How do I know if I am NOT your ideal client?

You are not my ideal client if you are:

  • Looking to lose weight quickly through potions, pills, and counting calories.
  • Looking to lose 10 lbs. by next weekend.
  • Not motivated to take the necessary steps to produce results.
  • Married to your limiting, unhealthy beliefs and behaviors.
  • Tend to make excuses for everything in your life – in other words – whiners and complainers.
  • Not willing to experiment with new foods, ideas and lifestyle changes.

How do I know which of your programs is right for me?

  • I invite you to contact me for a complimentary 30 minute “Rejuvenate Me Now!” Discovery Session.  I will get acquainted with what your goals and challenges are and you will understand how I can help you reach your goals.  Based on what your needs are, I will recommend the program that will be most appropriate for you.

How and where are the coaching sessions conducted?

  • Client sessions are conducted over the Phone or Skype, saving you travel time.  You can be anywhere and your will be able to keep on track with reaching your goals.  If you would like to see me in person and you live in the Hartford, CT area, I can see you in my office in Glastonbury, CT.
  • At each session, we will discuss the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.  Each session builds upon the last session.  I will give you just the right amount of information for you to digest and to implement without overwhelming you.
  • My role is to give you the system, support, and accountability for you to achieve your nutrition, lifestyle and image goals.

I lead a busy life with many commitments.  How do I make time for these coaching sessions?

  • How much is having your health worth to you?  Think of all of the things that will open up for you when you get to your best self.
  • If you can spare 30-45 minutes a week to be on a coaching call and 1 hour a week to learn and prepare new foods – it will make a world of positive difference in your life.
  • Having your coaching sessions over the phone will save you travel time.  If your health and well-being is important to you, you will find the time to prioritize it into your schedule.
  • As you know, all aspects of your life are affected by your relationship with food.  Achieving long-term success requires you to do the work to understand your relationship to food.

How will I know if you are the right coach for me? How do I get started with you?

  • Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute “Rejuvenate Me Now!” Discovery Session to discuss what you would like to accomplish through up-leveling your nutrition and health.
  • You will get an idea of my coaching philosophy and you will know which program will be ideal for you to accomplish your goals.

What are your scheduling and cancellation policies?

  • When you become a client, you will get access to the private client area of my website.  You will be able to schedule appointments and access session handouts and notes.
  • If you need to reschedule your appointments, please give at least 24 hours notice.  Forgetting to reschedule your appointment with at least 24 hour notice can mean forfeiture of that coaching session.
  • If you cannot make a coaching session due to conflicts, and you give at least 24 hours notice, you will have 30 days after the program agreement expires to schedule missed sessions.

Do you take insurance?

  • Nutrition coaching services are an out-of-pocket expense – just like personal trainers. Clients who are motivated to get healthier achieve success because they are invested in themselves and they enthusiastically implement their  personalized step-by-step system. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Credit cards are the preferred method of payment.  I have payment options available for each of my programs and I offer a savings for payment in full.


Click here to schedule your 30 minute complimentary “Rejuvenate Me Now!” Discovery Session.

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