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Before I worked with Emily, I was struggling with my weight and I wanted to get more energy to do more. I have lost weight in the past but couldn’t keep it off for the long term.”

“After only 2 weeks, my clothes are looser (I don’t use a scale), very surprising to me, my cravings for sweets have all but disappeared, I am less obsessive about food, I can breathe with ease, and I have more energy.  I am accomplishing all of this without counting calories and eating food that is much better for me without feeling I am depriving myself of any foods.  Emily showed me how I can introduce new foods that serve my health and are easy to incorporate into my busy schedule.  Some of the health promoting concepts I learned from Emily were eye-opening. Now I understand how and why I need to choose foods and activities that will support me to be at the top of my game.”
-Ed Foley, President of Insurance Agency,
raspberry-blackberry“I’ve experienced success in dieting before, but I’ve never been able to maintain my weight goal for more than three years. Every time I gain the weight back, I feel worse than I did before, especially since I always gain more weight back than I just lost. After my first session with Emily, I realized how my work and the way I experience stress affects my ability to lose and maintain a healthy weight.”
“The best part about working with Emily is that we’re not just talking about food all the time. Emily gave me simple straightforward advice that doesn’t require a calculator. I feel motivated to think positively about my body and the food choices I will make to take me to optimal health.”
-Cheryl Newton, Architect,
raspberry-blackberry“I was concerned about my sugar addiction and the fact that I can’t seem to lose weight as easily as I was able to before.”
“Emily was able to guide me towards the foods and the activities I must incorporate in order to eliminate my sugar cravings and to lose the last few stubborn lbs. She helped me to understand that my diet wasn’t going to be fixed overnight and that if I was ready to prioritize myself and do the work, I can lose weight, gain energy and accomplish more in my life.”
-Janice Saunders, Sales Professional, N.Y., N.Y.
raspberry-blackberry“Before I had my session with Emily, I worried about not being able to age into my later years with my health intact after witnessing my parent’s go through debilitating illnesses as they aged.”
“Emily showed me the simple things I can do everyday to improve my health and lose some weight in order to live the rest of my life with more confidence, energy and vitality.  Emily provided ways to incorporate nutritional foods and activities into my busy life that would serve my body and my mind.  I now take steps to avoid illnesses by choosing Emily’s empowering plan to get my body into the best shape I can in order to live a long healthy and happy life.”
-Amy B. Eisenberg, Interior Designer, Fairfield, CT
raspberry-blackberry“I added green smoothies into my diet – I was the last person on earth that would have entertained adding a delicious kale drink…what a difference it has made!  I am sooo happy that I am eliminating everyday without relying on fiber supplements.  I feel great, with more energy, better mood and concentration.  With all of these added super-foods in my diet and I love knowing that all of these new healthy foods is going to help me live a longer life and keep me slim without dieting.”
– John G., Attorney, Boston, MA
“Before working with Emily, I was struggling to understand what I need to do to lose a few stubborn pounds and to live healthy for the rest of my life.”
“Through Emily’s laser coaching, I was able to understand some of the emotional blocks I have that were preventing me from taking the steps to achieve my goals.  Emily listened to where I was coming from and she reassured me that it was normal to be confused about nutrition.  She was able to guide me through the steps I needed to take to lose weight and get more confident so that I can achieve all my health goals.”
Kim Mannogian, Master Life Design Mentor, St. Louis, MO
“Before I had my consultation with Emily, I was not eating much during the day and I would have my big meals at night.  I wasn’t sure if that way of eating was serving my health”
“Emily cleaned up my diet, taking into account what I like to eat and how busy my schedule was.  She also gave me exercise suggestions to improve my sleep and reduce my stress so that I can have the energy and stamina to fulfill my professional and personal obligations with ease.”
Marc Lederman, DPM,
raspberry-blackberry“My stomach use to hurt all the time and I was popping anti-reflux pills like crazy.  With Emily’s help I was able to figure out what was causing my stomach aches – I was sensitive to gluten and I wasn’t eating enough  fruits and vegetables.  Emily helped me to restore my gastrointestinal health…I don’t have the pains as often…because my stomach doesn’t hurt as much, I am in a better mood and can accomplish more everyday.”
-Karen H., Owner of  Insurance Agency, Danbury, CT
raspberry-blackberry“Not only did Emily help me with eating better and losing weight, she showed me and my friends how to make sushi (and other things)….it was soo easy and delicious.  Emily is also a talented photographer…we finally have professional portraits that we are proud of showing off….and,  she has a great eye for fashion.  I would highly recommend Emily to help you with your ultimate transformation.”
Gina P., – IT Consultant, W. Harford,

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